From our CEO

When my children were born, I found myself thinking, and worrying, about their futures. So, I looked into life insurance to secure their financial well-being, regardless of what happened to me. But as I delved deeper into the world of life insurance, I was shocked by how complicated it was to understand, much less buy.

As a consumer, I wanted a seamless experience and professionals who treated me as a person to help rather than a quota to fill. I simply wanted peace of mind for my family, without the hassle of signing up.

Now, Leap's team of seasoned entrepreneurs is combining the knowledge we've gained building successful companies and applying it to create something truly meaningful. We are partnering with top early stage investors and leading life insurance companies to bring life insurance into the modern age.

We founded Leap based on our shared vision of how life insurance should be and our goal to provide life insurance done right, because you deserve it.

Please don't hesitate to reach out at any time. We are always looking for ways to better serve you. Email with any comments or concerns.


Tom Patterson

Our Team

Tom Patterson
CEO & Co-Founder
Rona Elbaz
CMO & Co-Founder
Nir Yeffet
CTO & Co-Founder
Product Strategy, Co-Founder
Tatyana Kuva
Product Design
Shauna Visconti
Sales Director
Alex Bonine
Alex Bonine
Software Engineer
Rebecca Hoefer
Rebecca Hoefer
Case Manager
Nancy Fahy
Nancy Fahy
Sales Agent
John Choi
John Choi
Growth Manager

Our Investors and Partners

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