What Is Life Insurance With An Exam?

First, let’s clarify what life insurance with an exam means. The medical exam required to obtain approval of your life insurance policy is a roughly 25-minute paramedical exam scheduled at the date and time of your choosing. It is done at no cost to you, the life insurance company pays for it, and you get a copy of the results for free as well - think of it as a free physical.

The exam consists of a simple height, weight, and blood pressure check along with a small blood and urine sample. The paramedical examiner can come to your home or office, or you can choose to go into an exam location in your area. Depending on your health, the paramedical exam can often help you secure the lowest price for your policy and may save you 25-50% over options without an exam. So getting a medical exam with your life insurance is a great idea if you want to maximize your savings and don’t mind the extra step.

What Is No-Exam Life Insurance?

If you’re thinking, No way, the exam sounds way too inconvenient, I don’t want to do that! No problem, there are many no-exam life insurance policies available in the industry now as well, with some providing as much as $1 million in coverage without requiring the traditional medical exam. Keep in mind that no exam does not mean no look at your health history.

To obtain competitive rates without a medical exam, you are generally doing a telephone interview with the insurance carrier in lieu of the exam. These interviews normally take 20-30 minutes to complete depending on the complexity of your health history. For healthy people, there can indeed be no-exam options that are also at one of the lowest prices available in the industry. It gets even better -- for those who qualify, there is even the possibility of instant approval without the phone interview.

Do Insurance Companies Look For Anything Else?

In addition to your exam results if you opted for the exam, or phone interview results if you opted for no-exam, life insurance providers are also looking at your prescription history, your motor vehicle record, your Medical Information Bureau (MIB) report, and varying levels of your public credit history to approve your policy.

If you want a life insurance policy that will cover you for both natural and accidental causes anywhere you go in the world, where your full death benefit is available for your beneficiary the day your policy is in force if something were to happen to you (other than for a suicide in the first two years), then everything we have discussed thus far is needed for the life insurance carrier to price that risk as accurately and competitively as possible. That being said, you can get a policy that covers for an accidental death only without dealing with any of the background questions if you prefer.


How To Decide If No-exam Life Insurance Is Right For You

Now that you understand what is needed to get approved, let’s circle back to deciding if an exam or no exam route is best for you. You need to ask yourself a few questions and decide what matters most to you.  

Do you want your policy as quickly as possible?

Do you want to pay the absolute lowest price?

Do you want the top-rated carrier name you recognize regardless of the price?

Do you want to complete the application yourself without talking to anyone and apply online?

Do you prefer to speak with a licensed agent to go over all your options and questions?

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